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  • If you’re dreaming of a sleeker, trimmer body or have excess fat that won’t go away with exercise or weight loss, you may want to consider liposuction. This popular procedure improves your self-image by changing the contours and proportions of your body through the permanent removal of excess fat from a wide variety of areas. The fat that is removed can also be used to build lasting structural changes in other parts of the body and/or face, which is known as lipostructure or fat grafting.

    Liposuction is suitable for men and women who are seeking to shape and sculpt their bodies by removing excess fatty deposits in targeted areas, most commonly the chin and neck, hips, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, knees and ankles, and buttocks. To have this procedure, you must be in good health with one or several localized areas of fat that don’t respond well to diet and exercise.

    Liposuction is not an effective treatment for patients with cellulite (the dimpled skin that typically appears on the thighs, hips and buttocks) or loose, saggy skin.

    In preparing for buttock lift surgery, you may be asked to:
    • Get lab testing or a medical evaluation
    • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications
    • Stop smoking and nicotine products, as they may increase complications or delay healing
    • Eat a balanced diet
    • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements, as they can increase bleeding
    This surgery can take 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours, depending on the objectives agreed with your doctor. The procedure involves permanently removing fat from targeted areas of the body, which can then be used if desired in shaping other areas. It is generally a day surgery that doesn’t require staying overnight in the hospital, though one-night stay may be required following the procedure.
    It will take at least a few days to a few weeks to recover from this procedure. You will mostly likely be able to return to work within a few days and to normal activities within about two weeks, though every person’s outcome will vary based on factors such as volume of fat cells removed and area of removal. Your doctor will advise you on the best way to minimize discomfort during the healing process.
    Liposuction techniques have become much more sophisticated over the last few years, with new liposuction technologies that allow for more precise, customized, and targeted results, often with faster and smoother patient recovery. After liposuction, you may experience some minor common side effects, including mild pain and bruising. The risk of other, more severe complications is minimal and rare, and can be reduced further by avoiding extremely long procedures or excessive removal of fat.
    Most people love the look of their transformed, slim bodies after getting rid of the fat that wouldn’t go away through exercise or dieting. It is important to understand that liposuction doesn’t prevent you from gaining weight in the future, so you will need to keep fit and maintain a healthy diet to permanently keep your slimmer shape and new weight forever.

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    The Package Includes:

    • Charges for operating room use, recovery room use, and nursing services (for scrub nurse and circulating nurse)
    • Accommodation, including charges for room, nursing services, and food ordered from the standard hospital menu
    • Laboratory testing as necessary for the procedure and if required by the surgeon, including: CBC, PT & PTT Coaglition, bleeding time, FPG, creatinine, HIV Ab/Ag, and urinalysis
    • Medical equipment and medical supplies necessary for the procedure (SDC, vaser or liposuction machine (if required))
    • Medications : routine medications necessary for the procedure while the patient is admitted
    • Anesthesia: pre-anesthetic drugs, anesthesia, medical gas (oxygen, nitrous oxide)
    • One follow up visit for related to procedure done at cosmetrix
    • Physicians’ fees including ( Surgeon’s fees & Anesthesia’s fees)

    The Package Excludes:

    • Medicine and investigation other than mentioned above in the package
    • Charges billed for inpatient stays in excess of one nights (additional charges for these days, including room and other charges, will be added to the package price at normal hospital rates)
    • Charges for other procedures or other plastic surgery procedures
    • Charges for all intensive care unit services, if necessary
    • Outpatient fees and expenses incurred before admission and surgery
    • Other charges not related to the procedure
    • Continuous treatment related patient’s medical history
    • Any complication which may arise during or after the surgery
    • Take home medications and supplies
    • Compressive garment – outside the package
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