7 tips for getting cosmetic surgery overseas

Considering overseas cosmetic surgery? Here are 7 tips to consider before booking your flight.

1)  Talk to your GP

Book an appointment with to your GP about their opinion of the procedure and whether you are a suitable candidate.

2)  Provide medical records

If your local doctor is willing, ask them to provide the overseas doctor with your medical records in preparation for the operation.

3) Ask the right questions

Find out the qualifications of the doctor and any other staff who will be looking after you. Ask generally about the success rate of the procedure. Try to speak with or meet the surgeon before the operation day to ensure you have the same expectations.

4) Is the technology safe?

Ask about the quality and safety of the technology used, as well as sterilization and resuscitation procedures, infection control and the quality of any implants used.

5) What happens afterwards?

Be clear on recovery time and what aftercare will be required. Be diligent with all post-surgery care as it can be the key to a successful treatment. Arrange suitable accommodation for recovery, and have a friend or family member accompany you to assist with recovery.

6) Flying home

Book the most direct flight home after your procedure to prevent blood clots.

7) Back at home

Once you arrive home, keep in touch with your GP and seek immediate help if worrying symptoms or complications develop.

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